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The most exciting news this month is that the call for papers for the 35th ISME World Conference is almost here. The management team, the conference team and Arinex, the professional conference organiser, have put in long hours during February and the website is just a few days away, if that. Thanks go to everyone for their hard work and dedication.

The regional conferences continue apace. Perhaps inevitably, one by one they announce they are moving online only, but the benefit of this is that it makes them more accessible because there are no travel expenses and you can manage the time you spend watching sessions.

Plus there's more.

ISME newsletter 28 February 2021

Stories this month are

  • Message from Emily Akuno, President of ISME
  • Brisbane World Conference: Stand by for the call for papers launch next week
  • PASMAE announces keynotes
  • Pan American conference now reviewing papers
  • APSMER call for papers now open
  • ISME South Asia Regional Conference announced
  • Is this you?
  • ISME-Sempre research grants update
  • Connect with ISME on social media
  • Has COVID affected your mail?
  • World Conference and pre and post conference seminars: how to access recordings and proceedings
  • Diary Dates

We wish you all the best in these challenging times. Stay safe and well.

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