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EAS Newsflash February 2021

  • EAS 2021: Conference Update
  • New Cooperation: EAS & MusiQuE
  • Open Call for "EAS Regional Events"
  • Open Call for EAS National Coordinators (NCs)
  • Open Call for Student Forum Staff Member (SF Team)
  • EAS presents their National Coordinators: Ene Kangron (EST)

EAS2021 Conference Update 

Only 6 more weeks until the opening of our 28th EAS Conference / 9th ISME European Regional Conference hosted by Freiburg University of Music and Freiburg University of Education under the theme “Music is What People Do!

Conference Update and additional information:

  • A draft version of the conference program is online on ConfTool. We would like to invite you to have a first look on the broad thematic scope of papers, workshops, open spaces, concerts and interactive events!
  • Freiburg City Tour: Although the EAS 2021 is an online conference, we would like to show you around in the beautiful city of Freiburg. Join our virtual city tour and get to know the Black Forest metroplis! For details see ConfTool!
  • Conference Dinner: Have you ever cooked a conference dinner yourself? This year, the EAS conference dinner will be a joint cooking event. Black Forest Cuisine is a live Cooking Event. Members of our Conference team will open their private kitchens for you. Don’t forget to fill up your fridge!
  • EAS School visits: Creativity and flexibility are qualities that add value to any music class. But moving lessons into the digital space is a particular challenge for music teachers. This year's EAS School Visit program would like to give insights into music as a subject in German schools and take this special situation as an opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities of online music lessons. More Information...
  • Music is What People Do In 2020: Inspired by social distance: Interaction through sound and music in online formats – presentation and expert talk.
  • Concert Night Thursday: PLACE and DISPLAYS Music is…what? ...People invent all kinds of new modes of performance in these days of distance – challenge accepted!
  • Our Thursday night opening concert features a multi-stage livestream with students and teachers of MH and PH Freiburg: performing in the streets and on the roofs, surprising you with futuristic digital tools and inviting you to interact with improvisers through our brand-new audience feedback tool. Join us and experience what people do to make Freiburg sound!
  • More information on Concerts and Interactive Music Making

 We are looking forward to meet you at the Conference!

New Cooperation: EAS & MusiQuE

The EAS signed a new "agreement of cooperation" with the MusiQuE (Music Quality Enhancement), which is an organisation dedicated to the continuous improvement of the quality of (higher) music education across Europe and beyond and to assisting (higher) music education institutions in their own enhancement of quality. For this purpose, MusiQuE offers a range of review and accreditation procedures tailored to the needs of higher music education institutions.

This new cooperation supports the development of quality enhancement. EAS board members have already been involved in the development of th MusiQuE Standards for Classroom Music Teacher Education Programmes. Therefore also the current EAS Past President Gerhard Sammer was nominated as a new member of the MusiQuE board for the period 2020 - 2023.


Open Call for "EAS Regional Events"

The EAS announces an open call for applications to host an "EAS Regional Event" in 2021. The EAS wants to support events connected to 'Music in Schools' in different European regions, which aim to reach out (further develop) to a broader European community of music educators. Deadline is March 10, 2021.


Open Call for EAS National Coordinators (NCs)

The EAS announces an open call, among its members, for the positions of the National Coordinator, for the year 2021, for the following countries (applications by 1stof March 2021):

  • Slovenia,
  • Latvia,
  • Belgium,
  • Norway,
  • Sweden,
  • The Netherlands.


Open Call for Student Forum Staff Member (SF Team)

The EAS announces an open call for the position of one Student Forum staff member (=SF Lead from 2022). This is usually for a period of 4 years. The person selected will prepare (with support from EAS Board Member Andreas Bernhofer and two Student Board Members) the Student Forums 2022-2025.

EAS presents their National Coordinators: Ene Kangron (Estonia)

Dear colleagues!

I am Ene Kangron and I am pleased to welcome the EAS community and give some sense of Estonian music education. In Estonia music as a subject is taught in all schools as part of the national curriculum, starting from kindergarten and pre-school up to the gymnasium level. In addition to music lessons it also joins in outside curriculum activities, such as choirs, orchestras and ensembles. This system allowed us to create something unique and has become a huge part of our national identity - something we are known for in the world – this is our Song Festival tradition.
Read more about Estonia and Online Music Education


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