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EAS Newsflash November 2021

  • EAS 2022 as Hybrid Event & Extension of CfP until November 22nd
  • Open Call for "Regional Events"
  • SiME Symposium "Singing Classroom - Singing School"
  • Portrait of our National Coordinators: Nermin Ploskić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Music Teacher Associations in Europe: Bundesverband Musikunterricht (Germany)

EAS 2022 in Belgrade as Hybrid Event 

Dear EAS members and delegates of EAS 2022!
Due to the Covid-19 situation and current travel restrictions in some of the European countries, EAS is preparing the Belgrade Conference as a hybrid event. Those involved in the online event will be able to participate fully, including presenting papers and participating in all discussions. More information will come soon.

HOWEVER, we still warmly invite you to actually come to Belgrade in person. Those of you familiar with EAS events will be aware of the warm and stimulating environment at EAS conferences, and the many opportunities available to network with colleagues from across Europe and further afield. We are excited to offer this in-person event and look forward to the chance to meet new colleagues and EAS members familiar to us - to talk, discuss, make music, eat and drink, and have fun together!

EAS 2022: Call for Papers extended until November 22nd

The Call for Papers for the EAS Conference 2022 in Belgrade was extended. The closing date is now November 22nd, 2021. For further information about EAS2022 in Belgrade please click here

Open Call for "EAS Regional Events"

The EAS announces an open call for applications to host an “EAS Regional Event” in 2022. The EAS wants to support events connected to ‘Music in Schools’ in different European regions, which aim to reach out to a broader European community of music educators. Also online-events can be considered! The closing date for the Call for Regional Events 2022 is November 30, 2021.

SiME Symposium "Singing Classroom - Singing School"

The EAS Special Focus Group "SiME" is proud to present, in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano and the South Tyrolean Choral Association, the following symposium focusing on "Singing Classroom - Singing School".

The conference will take place on 19 and 20 November 2021 at the Faculty of Education of the Free University of Bolzano in attendance and in a hybrid format. 

In an exciting combination of lectures and workshops on the topic of singing with children in school, not only our SiME Steering Committee but also the Hungarian Kodály specialist Árpád Toth, Moritz Guttman from the Salzburg Choral Association and Verena Unterguggenberger (Austria) will feature as clinicians. Workshop ensembles will be present in presence, but also a virtual online workshop choir: Vox Aurea Choir from Finland (conductor: Sanna Salminen).

Registration is free and EAS members are welcome to attend anyone of the sessions. 

Here follows the link to the website:


Portrait of our National Coordinators: Nermic Ploskić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

My name is Nermin Ploskić and I'm a music teacher from Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m working as an Assistant at the University of Sarajevo - Academy of Music (Department of Music Theory and Pedagogy). During my work in schools, I have carried out music classes and choir and orchestra activities for students of younger ages.
Today I am dedicated to working with students, future music teachers, and I try with my best of abilities, to prepare them for successful work in school and music classes after completing their studies. The subject of my interest is also the use of modern technology and digitalization in music education which I intend to continue researching. I’m the author of the contents for the first digital music textbooks in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Music education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, whether it is general or professional, brings music closer to children and young people from an early age. Through music classes, we also teach our pupils and students about coexistence, tolerance, respecting different cultures and people. Throughout general music education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, children develop musical and psycho-motoric abilities, learn about fundamentals of music theory and Solfeggio, they are acquainted with the most significant musical occurrences, people and musical pieces from the beginnings of social communities until today - as well as modern musical directions.
Not only is the musical tradition of their own country learned, but also the tradition, music culture of other people in Europe and the World. Through professional music education, young people are prepared for working with/in ensembles, orchestras, operas, radio and television, schools, research and scientific institutions. Professional educational institutions of music that have a long-standing tradition and continuity represent the center of today’s musical education and concert life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Read more about music education in Bosnia and Herzegovina...

Music Teacher Associations in Europe

In the EAS Newsflash we want to give room for our institutional members and we want to start with one of the biggest Music Teacher Associations in Europe, the German "Bundesverband Musikunterricht (BMU)".

Bundesverband Musikunterricht (BMU, Germany)

The German Music Teacher Association (BMU) represents the interests of music teachers and music educators involved in music teacher training in Germany. As a non-profit organization, it currently has about 5.000 members. The BMU promotes music education in schools and along with this supports a qualified music teacher training.
Multiple activities are initiated such as conferences, workshops, music teacher training, projects, and competitions in the context of music education. The board publishes a magazine and book series for the members of the association. Furthermore, the BMU also acts on a political level and cooperates with advising authorities, ministries, and other school authorities.

More about the BMU


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